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ELIFAR Day Centre

ELIFAR Day Centre

 01708 460800
 [email protected]

ELIFAR day centre is a specialist service supporting adults with multiple and profound learning disabilities, physical disabilities, autistic spectrum conditions, ADHD and communication difficulties. Many of the people currently attending are non-verbal with behaviours that challenge. We use a range of communication methods, including sensory stories, objects of reference, pictorial, and verbal prompts.

The centre has a capacity to cater to 30 individuals who have individualised timetables to meet their needs. Some of the attendees purely access the facilities and others engage in structured sessions. There is a swimming pool on site, an art room, a well-equipped gym, indoor trampoline, bouncy castle, adult size jungle gym, sensory rooms, music entertainment rooms, smell zone and chill out rooms for the daily use of our attendees.

Our ethos is to support and develop the people who use our services in all aspects of their lives, giving them opportunities to achieve, engage and enjoy a range of developmental and leisure activities, both centre and community based.

The people who attend our centre will be supported to be as independent as possible and wherever possible, to be involved in the local community and the activities and facilities it can offer. The attendees have access to a range of developmental and leisure activities that ensure they have the opportunity to develop skills and build confidence, along with improving their communication skills. They will where possible help with the daily chores, shop, prepare and cook meals and snacks.  We consider it essential that attendees are a part of the local community, so they are supported to access facilities and participate in groups that offer social or educational opportunities, all with the aim of incrementally achieving goals.

Our Vision:

Our attendees are empowered, as far as possible, to make choices and understand their rights. However, with rights come responsibilities, and the staff will support our attendees to understand the implications of their decisions.  It is important that we listen, show respect, and create a culture in the services that allow for positive risk taking and that personal choice is at the forefront of our programmes.

Other Services

  • Children’s party
  • Learning disabilities club (monthly social event)
  • Respite breaks
  • Organised group activities

Opening Times 
Monday – 10am-6pm 
Tuesday – 10am-6pm 
Wednesday  – 10am-6pm 
Thursday  – 10am-6pm 
Friday  – 10am-6pm 
Saturday  – 10am-6pm 
Sunday – Closed 
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing day – Closed
New Years Day – Closed