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Welcome to RG Care

R.G. Care was established in 2006 when Adrienne Bloom RGN and her mother Shirley Shawe took over the management of Sands Lodge a residential care home for those with a mental health and/or learning disability, their first care home in the chain. With the assistance of Mr Tony Bloom the then Company Secretary the company grew in strength and capacity. Swan Care Home was acquired in 2007 being the first Care of the Elderly home as part of the group, and Lifstan Way another residential care home for those with a mental health and/or learning disability was taken over as a struggling home, due to be closed down in 2013 and in desperate need for an injection of tender loving care. Once part of the group it was nurtured and rebuilt to the high standard expected within the company.

In March 2021 R G Care took on its biggest challenge of all an additional 5 services within Hornchurch. All set within beautiful surrounding of 22 acres they are Farmhouse, Paddocks, Gullivers, Cherry Tree and a large Day Centre. All these services offer care and support for those with a learning disability and/or an autistic spectrum disorder. The site has developed over the years to become a place for young adults to learn new skills and grow in their development and confidence.

All RG Care homes can be found within the Essex area and have their own story to tell, with Sands Lodge being a place for vulnerable adults of no fixed abode back in the 1980’s to Swan being a public house for the local village before becoming a care home. Lifstan Way was donated to the NHS by a very lucrative businessman for use by the local community, and the Hornchurch site originally established as services for children with the founder naming it ELIFAR which means; Every Life Is For A Reason.

We are committed in responding to the changing needs and wishes of the residents within our care.

Our Vision
A group of care homes where people choose to live and staff are proud to work

Our Mission
Where quality and choice matter